Best Yeast Infection Treatment

Watch this video to learn about yeast infection treatment and the best ways to cure a yeast infection in the least amount of time without going to a doctor.

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Houston Mommy Makeover Liposuction Treatment

Liposuction is when a surgeon breaks up fat and removes it. Fat cells are usually removed with suction. Liposuction removes fat forever.

Fat cells can carry excessive fat. If you have fat that you can pinch, there are probably some fat cells with excessive fat there. Looking at those fat cells with a microscope would reveal that those cells are full of fat. Liposuction extracts the excess fat part of those cells. The catch is that liposuction doesn’t remove the fat cell, it only removes the excess fat. So, if you gain weight, you’ll gain weight in those same areas on your body because those same fat cells will just plump up with fat again.

Liposuction fat removal requires incisions for a mommy makeover Houston, but they are small incisions (3 to 4 millimeters long to be precise). A good plastic surgeon will make sure these incisions are done on parts of the body where they will be hidden from view like in a groin crease or inside a belly button.

Liposuction surgery can be done in a plastic surgeon office or an operating room. Where liposuction surgery is done depends on the area of the body that will be receiving liposuction, what liposuction surgery technology will be used, and quantity of fat removal in the procedure. So, where liposuction surgery is performed is based on the tools a plastic surgeon needs at his disposal and the health risks of the liposuction patient.

A fluid called Tumescent is injected into fat deposits which were discussed before the liposuction procedure. The Tumescent fluid slows bleeding and numbs the area. Then there is waiting for a certain specified time before the liposuction surgery begins. When the desired amount of fat removal has been reached, the liposuction procedure is stopped and the small incision is closed up. Because the liposuction incisions are so small, they usually only require one suture-knot each.

Once the liposuction surgery is complete, the liposuction procedure continues as you have a compression-garment put on that helps your skin tighten. There is soreness after liposuction surgery. It will feel like muscle soreness after a workout. Your recovery will depend on the extent of your liposuction areas on your body that received fat removal. Some need several days or more for recovery after liposuction.

There are a few different procedure types of liposuction surgery. Here are some of the different types of liposuction:

-Traditional Liposuction which is the mechanical break-down of fat and then suction removal of fat

-Ultrasonic Liposuction which means that fat removal is done by melting fat with sound waves and then fat removal by suction of the fat

-Laser Based Liposuction also melts the fat but with a laser. Suction removal of the fat in this kind of liposuction is optional.

Some of the decisions you will need to talk about with your plastic surgeon before the liposuction procedure is where to place the incisions that will be cut during liposuction surgery and what liposuction technology will be best for your body and preferences.

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